DISTRIKT & Opulent Temple Present: Soluna

Saturday, July 9th

“Masters of Fun under Moon and Sun” =’s Opulent Temple & DISTRIKT

Joining up again to bring it here so we can bring it out ‘there.’

10:00 DJ EliKi (Opulent Temple)
11:00 Layne Loomis (DISTRIKT)
12:00 Drew Drop v Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)
1:00 Kramer (DISTRIKT)
2:00 Syd Gris (Opulent Temple)
(3:00 ‘ish)

11:00 Darren Grayson (DISTRIKT)
11:45 Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)
12:30 J-Rod (DISTRIKT)
1:15 Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple)
2:00 Clark Hamon (DISTRIKT)

Visuals by Howie Wong

10-11PM ENTRY DISCOUNT! $5 playafied/$10 street wear
10-11PM DRINK SPECIAL! $3 Beer $3 Vodka cocktail

11-3AM $10 playafied/$15 street wear

Public Works
161 Erie St. SF @ Mission between 14th St. and Division.

10pm-after hours

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