From its inception, The Deep End has always had a consistent goal: to provide a venue for music, dancing, and alternative arts while stirring up a great vibe in the best way we know how. Our eclectic group of people offer up their talents — be it music making, drink slinging, construction craftiness, technological wizardry, performance art, or benevolent mischief. We live and breathe our ethos year round, and look forward to giving back to the community that has inspired us and bonded us together. This is our culture, this is our art, this is our gift.

As we grew over the years, we were compelled to form a legal entity to protect those that have given so passionately to our project. Recently in our journey we rebranded our production on the playa as Distrikt, but have not let go of our original mission. And now, we are proud to say, that after many months of effort and much discourse with the powers that be on what constitutes culture and art, we are now legally recognized by the federal government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!

The upshot is that this recognition will facilitate the solicitation of donations to ensure we are capable of operating in the years to come. We can also use this as a stepping stone over time to provide increasing levels of support to other charitable organizations and artists that share our vision. Here's to Evolution..



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