BEN Seagren (aka Benny, Beanz & B)

Ben is at the forefront of the San Francisco Electronic Dance Music scene showcasing a diverse unique sound ranging from large rooms to dark and dirty afterhours to burning man. He has performed, produced shows and held residencies at various venues over the years: However, he truly made a name for himself from his long standing residencies at two of San Francisco‚ premier venues: The Endup, Ruby Skye and dubbed the “best kept secret on the playa” The Deep End Camp which is now DISTRIKT.

CHRISTIAN Galindo (aka Aquaman)


Your friendly Deep End and Distrikt CFO. Desk jockey extraordinaire — wears chainmail to protect his trusty slide rule, but only because his abacus is too heavy to carry around. Roots in Bolivia and New Orleans, and a proud member of the Who Dat nation. Loves a good daytime party almost as much as the Gaussian distribution. Met his wife on the playa and is now most happily married to The Deep End Communicatrix. Oh, also into rubber chickens.

ROBERT Cruz (aka Cruzzzzz!)


Sleeping on the job like any good politician. Cruz…where to start? Cruz CRUISES out to the playa ahead of us all to stake our claim. We would be without direction or acreage without him. Shallow ender to the deep, but never shallow in mind. A lover of watching the city build. Great historian of all things Burning Man and playa. One of my favorite story tellers, he lights up like a fire when he talks about the things he loves. Adorable dad with adorable son. Oh & watch out for the brownies! ;) Cruzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



Renaissance man; likely traveling and will do a far more eloquent bio than any of us could possibly muster up with our 5th grade educations and bad grammar.


KRAMER (aka Kramer)


As one of San Francisco’s most recognizable DJs, Kramer has a created place all his own in the underground scene. With a DJ career spanning over a decade, he has played to tens of thousands of people everywhere from San Francisco and New York to Mexico City and Madrid. His unique Tribal Progressive-Tech House sound, as well as an ear for programming, seasoned mixing skills and energetic presence behind the decks have made Kramer a household name in the San Francisco underground scene and well beyond.

And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can concentrate on his more noteworthy accomplishment of setting the men’s silver nail polish fashion trend and his propensity for collecting designer sunglasses. As a former hand model, Kramer introduced the now signature “flip off” hand gesture to better advertise his silver beauties. Not to be outdone, he often switches up this pose by using both hands with added backgrounds of differing facial expressions. His famous sunglass collection may be viewed in pristine restoration in the Kohler basement museum in the Mission for a fee of $.50.

MATT Kramer (whose bio exists in the below collection of nicknames)


Goober Shitknuckles Douchington The Krame-Dogg Peppah Bubba Stud Muffin Top Krash Kramer oh, and Gorilla Da Mayor Admiral Awesome Stink Pipe head (clearly a personal favorite, so please be sure to use this often).

MIKE Reigle (aka MIKEY – to those who love him most)


World traveler. Giver of great playa gifts. And giver in general. One of the best natured people we have ever met. Will sit with you in the madness of party for a nice long talk. And just when you think you have him pegged with the ‘nice guy’ ribbon, you look up & find yourself, hair on fire, at full throttle in the Reigle speed boat with “I’m on a Mother F&%&in’ Boat!!” blasting at highest decibels. Ever unpredictable. Loves Dolphins.

PAUL Geddes (aka “The Colonel”)


Health nut, conflict resolver, wayward trombonist, chameleon, ubertraveler, entertainer, bass vocalist, bass guitarist, casual anthropologist, Mad cocktailer (making and partaking), bus and sound system hijacker, jet-lagged philanthropist, rodeo clown, trained in hand to hand combat and early baroque polyphony, aircraft carrier qualified, occasionally happily kilted, without anchor (to a fault), ambassador, penner of haiku, safety and grammar inspector, horseman, chocolate cake aficionado, loose cannon. Why we love Geddes: when asked if he would take on the bar, he replied, “if you want to give me plans on a napkin, a pile of lumber and a few bodies, i’ll get it done.”



Token Female.




ROBERT Kohler (aka Kohler)


Far, FAR AND AWAY the trendsetter of this group. A separate closet at home with vintage fashions that would make Rachel Zoe drool. Carries off looks that nod back to caddy shack but chic as only Robert can do. You can’t learn this fashion. When not on the catwalk, can be found within a 2 foot distance of DJ booth leading the dancing charge. We heart our Robert. There is no substitute.

MATT Wilczynski (say that 10 times correctly)


White male, 32. Makes his home in Inglewood, CA. Builder, gofer, cook, gardener, bartender. Skilled at carrying heavy things, digging holes. Specializes in explosives, making a ruckus, terrorizing friends and neighbors when drunk, drinking, finding his way to the front of the dance floor. Spent 6 years as bitch for Deep End, looking forward to an equally fulfilling career for Distrikt. Taurus, Leo rising. Fabulously good looking, sensitive, humble. No natural enemies.

RONNIE (aka Ronnie)


Stop, drop and roll, sushi, breakfast cereal, dancing the night away, hot & spicy, anything outdoors & adventurous, being mischievous and spell check. Loves to play ‘toss the bicycle’.

GREG CONLON (aka Greg)


A walking contradiction, an enigma wrapped in a chewy low calorie enigma; Zen filled and power packed, with an eye for Playa Fashion and Etiquette, he is a dreamer who’s been known to be a loose cannon…or more appropriately a firecrotch. Rumor has it…he once took a round house kick to the face from Chuck Norris and lived to tell about it. A modern day rebel blindly looking for a cause…until now…

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